Web Development Team Structure is Crucial to Your Business Learn Why

If the client has any questions, ideas, or new tasks, they discuss it all with the project manager rather than looking for different team members who could implement it. Such an approach saves a lot of time on communications and ensures 100% compliance with the requirements. They are the link between the customer and all other members, managing communications at all stages, collecting requirements, forming tasks, prioritizing them, and keeping track of deadlines.

  • With these systems, you install a basic framework that sets up your site for you.
  • You can think of QA engineers as ‘teachers’ to whom developers submit their ‘homework.’ If there are any errors or quality issues, they provide objective feedback so the team can make improvements.
  • This step includes creating a task list, setting goals, making a schedule, and creating a team communication plan.
  • Our web developers use the Agile approach to develop high-quality yet cost-effective web solutions for our clients.
  • Use the right project management software, such as Basecamp, Jira, ActiveCollab, Trello, Asana, to stay on the same page with your team and stick to the set scope of tasks.
  • List of most important roles to define in your web development team.

This is important as interaction leads to conversions and ultimately revenue. Even if you hire a developer, the tasks involved are too overwhelming for a single individual. You run the risks of delaying the time-to-market, or introduce avoidable bugs when the website goes live. A Web Developer is a professional who is responsible for the design and construction of websites.

In fact, it involves a deal of analysis and thorough blueprinting of the future solution in terms of usability. The web technology lead must have a broad grasp of web publishing environments, development languages and web development frameworks, web database options, and network technology. The technology lead acts as the bridge, translator, and plain-English communicator between the technologists and the creative and project management elements of the team. Since most of the project manager’s duties are related to a human-human interaction, make leadership and communicating skills your major criteria when looking for a person suitable for this role. Your ideal candidate should be equally good at sharing their own vision and listening to the input from the other members of the team. For example, reliable organizations with extensive practice provide specialists in all areas, from development to promotion.

SEO specialist

Content managers can collaborate with other team members to promote the brand’s voice through content. They come up with relevant content that can capture the attention of the client’s audience. That isn’t to say they’re more important than front-end developers, but they do sorta pave the way for them.

The success of a product on the market is also largely determined by the chosen promotion strategy. The marketing strategist is responsible for the product going live. They gain an audience, meet their needs, ensure the product’s competitiveness, and guarantee overall satisfaction. They have a what is software development solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows them to create interfaces easily implementable from the technical side. Because quality UI/UX attracts more users and increases brand credibility. Yet, some of the front-end elements also serve as triggers for the back-end operations.

Their job scope comes with a heavy responsibility of mitigating project risks and ensuring timely delivery. Or when you approach a web or mobile app development company, you must keep these factors in mind. As you can see, to successfully implement a digital product, you will need at least eight experts, each of whom will be responsible for their own list of tasks. A front-end developer is a specialist who develops the user interface, that is, the part of a website or application that is seen by the end users .

Statistics point to horrifying results of a badly built website. For example, 88% of users will never return to a website due to a bad experience. Besides concerns on bad UX design, the technicalities of the website are equally important.

Establish work processes

For this, every web development team has quality assurance engineers, who design tests and apply them during the whole development process to solve any issues before the product goes into production. As technology advances, we have plenty of tools that help you build a website in an hour, however, you have to build a dynamic website with a complex backend, you need to take a custom approach. That means you need a web development team with diverse expertise.

web development team roles

This aspect carries in personal responsibility and commitment that assures web product success. To develop a successful product, you must create an environment of trust and encourage it. You must form a congenial atmosphere within the team and ensure your team members develop independent relationships centered on trust. Hence, if you want to design, develop, deploy, and support a fully functional web solution that can scale and evolve with your business, then go for a cross-functional team. Contrary to this myth, a cross-functional team is indeed a comprehensive package of individuals who can build a web product without relying on any sort of external assistance. There is a common myth that a cross-functional team is a band of exchangeable experts who can swap their roles if required.

Establish leadership and define clear roles

Therefore, it’s essential to set up a team of IT experts with relevant skill sets. Alternatively, you’ll want to work with a web development agency with an established team structure. If you have a remote development team like an offshore web development company, there is minimal training required. These development teams usually have more experience than other teams as they will have worked on multiple projects.

A Project Manager is undoubtedly the most critical pillar of any web development team, as it acts as a bridge between the client and the development team. A well-built and delivered web development project always helps an organization to enhance its overall business strategy. Ramotion is an award winning design agency with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

web development team roles

After the development has started, developers send each version of the product to QA engineers. In turn, they check whether it corresponds to technical requirements and specific demands of a customer by using automated and manual testing methods. Coupled with project designers, the solution architects make page wireframes to present how the pages will be used and how the website’s architecture and page content are intertwined. They analyze users’ preferences to make it easy for them to find relevant content on the website. As you can see, companies need to use effective web project management techniques to complete the overall business objectives and goals successfully.

Tips to set up your software development team structure

Thanks to its iterative nature and regular team discussions, web development teams can achieve their goals in a coordinated manner without running out of schedule and budget. The reason teams work with Agile principles is because of the flexibility it provides. It is worth mentioning the role of the stakeholder in this process. A stakeholder can be either one person, the customer, or a group of people, representatives of the customer company. The sponsor can also be a stakeholder, monitoring compliance with the agreements and the dynamics of product development. We dwell on this point to let you know that the project development process is influenced by many people, and each of them can cause changes in timing, the scope of tasks and the results achieved.

web development team roles

Their main task is to create site architecture diagrams that interpret the overall site planning for both clients and the web development team. As practice shows, programming alone isn’t enough to make a website work for you. That’s why many stakeholders pay great attention to design and marketing.

Back end developers also take care of duties related to the database. Want to talk about having your project created by an experienced web development team? It is necessary to choose one tool for fast communication within the web development team. All the bureaucratic nuances are avoided here, the information is stored, it is possible to allocate communication by topics. Such tools are well suited for working with distributed teams, providing both synchronous and asynchronous communication. Consider the time zone of colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

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They deal with the client-side of the website using such technologies as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Front-end developers recreate a website piece by piece based on a prototype handed them by designers. This way, their principal task is to make sure your website looks good on any device/browser and ensure all it’s elements function correctly.

Software Tester/QA Engineer

They ensure that sites meet user expectations by ensuring they look good, run smoothly and offer easy access points with no loading issues between pages or error messages. Outsourcing online development jobs to a remote team saves on HR costs and makes it easy to get a dedicated, fully managed team. If you are looking for the right IT partner, you may come across a lot of nice texts about what this or that team does and what they can do for you.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most popular ways to attract the right visitors to your website. An SEO expert is probably the first person the marketing strategist would like to involve in the project. In many cases, the strategist curates a marketing team, analyzes the performance of different marketing channels, and defines whether the business objectives are met. Drop us a line and we’ll send you the list of available developers you can hire for the project now. While some companies provide it’s customers with the full circle of specialists they may need for the project, others do not. Build faster, protect your brand, and grow your business with a WordPress platform built to power remarkable online experiences.

You can hire more experienced developers who will be able to build a better website than hiring freelancers or agencies. Web development is a complex process that involves multiple tasks and it is certainly not a one man’s job to complete all those tasks effectively without failure. And this is exactly why SaaS Software Development and other developments demand a team of professionals with certain areas of expertise. The task of team management, especially when working remotely, can be more difficult than expected. However, there are very specific approaches and tools to make it simple and effective.

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